Set meetings with ideal customers & close them.

We’re a team of B2B sales insiders who build campaigns and generate leads for growing companies.

Trusted by startups to the Fortune 50


Step By Step Playbooks

Sales & Marketing
Campaign Development


Stop losing deals due to ineffective campaigns.


We build sequences to put leads on a path to closed accounts.

Level up your team

Training For
Successful Selling


Reduce your reliance on lead generation and sales miracles.


Set your team up for success with proven training and workshops.

Dedicated Representatives

We Build Lead
Pipeline For You


Bypass the 6-12 month ramp in outbound lead generation.


Our Dedicated Representatives build pipeline in a matter of days.

What customers are saying

Pedro C
Pedro CGrowth Head,
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"We worked with 3 other providers to test results. Convertist provided 5X more replies than the next best company."
Ben Gillenwater
Ben GillenwaterCEO at MenuPoint
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"We've tried other lead gen solutions, as well as hiring our own Sales Reps. Convertist shipped twice the leads."
Anindya Gupta
Anindya GuptaCEO, Pitchvantage
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"Convertist shifted our top burning priority away from lead gen. We now get to work on closing and renewing."
Bob Rutherford
Bob RutherfordFounder, Hedge
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"Convertist brought us $1 million in deals under contract, and a lead that transpired into an acquisition."
Emily Slade
Emily SladeHead of Growth, WorkingNotWorking
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"We won several Fortune 100 customers with Convertist - they are a natural extension of our team."
Pere Codina
Pere CodinaCEO, Kompyte
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"Convertist helped source 3 of our top 10 customers and hit our lead milestones so we could hit our revenue targets."
Shelley Lavery
Shelley LaveryCOO, Jimminy
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"Like your outsourced SDR team except more creative and personal. They understood our buyer and messaging."
Mike Rockford
Mike RockfordPresident. RadialSpark
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"We generated $1.2 million in new sales in 6 months, with over $3.8 million in pipeline to boot."
Kevin Long
Kevin LongCo-Founder, The Dyrt
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“It probably would have taken us almost a year of polishing our messaging to hit their same lead generation rate."

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